EPPA the Organisation:

The European Promotional Products Association (EPPA) has been established in 1999 as an European industry organisation for the European promotional product market. Its membership consists of associations from European countries that represent suppliers (manufacturers, importers) and distributors (promotional product traders and consultants).

The promotional product industry has been influenced by the increasing internationalisation of its business operations and, due to its extensive range of products, is heavily dependent on EU legislation. Therefore, EPPA’s primary concern is to shape the basic political, social and economic conditions of the European promotional product market to balance the local and European wide needs and requirements.

EPPA Mission

EPPA’s mission is as follows:

  • To create the social, economic and political framework, which supports the position of promotional products in the communication and marketing mix
  • To professionalise the industry
  • To create a platform for the European industry
  • To increase the networking opportunities between its members

EPPA Vision

The board has the following vision:

  • EPPA is founded as the foremost industry association in Europe, representing the entire promotional products industry
  • EPPA represents their interests politically and economically based on the most extensive market expertise and assertiveness
  • EPPA unites the most important stakeholders within the industry and the national and international associations

EPPA’s Objectives

  • Create a representative European membership

  • Create market transparency

  • Create a strong and mature position in the market for our industry

  • Improve framework conditions such as by lobbying

EPPA Board

The board of EPPA monitors the EPPA goals and has the following aims:

The board members of EPPA are:

New ISO Chain of Custody standard in development

There is a new ISO standard in development, called ISO/PC 308 Chain of Custody.
The new ISO initiative presented by Holland will create a new ISO standard - (It is only Countries who can take an initiative to a new ISO standard).
Holland has been preparing this initiative for 18 months, they have done a great job.

All countries were invited to attend the start up conference which was held in Amsterdam 9-10 March 2017.
At this start up conference the group set up the rules for the coming work with this Chain of Custody.
The work to complete the ISO standard Chain of Custody (CoC) will take at least 24 - 36 months.

Kjell Harbom Vice President of EPPA represented the promotions industry and the Swedish delegation

Kjell Harbom commented “It was very interesting to listen to the other countries view points. The Dutch proposal is very much made for very big multinational companies and the alternative proposal from Sweden (also EPPA) is more adapted to small and medium sized companies like the promotional product suppliers.
Sweden had great support for this proposal from Germany, France, Japan and England. That’s good for the Promotions industry.”