The value of the EPPA CSR Certificate

  • "Sustainability is still a differentiator at present, but will be your license to operate in the future"

Among the many ways that sustainability has been defined, the simplest and most fundamental is: "the capacity to endure." To endure, we must transform our markets – both how we produce and consume, and the very ways in which we define and measure value and progress.

The European Promotional Products Association (EPPA) believes that the promotional products industry plays an important role when it comes to transforming our markets. Therefore EPPA and its members are committed to advance responsible business with a single, fair, thorough and consistent standard; the EPPA Code of Conduct (the ‘Code’). We strive compliance with law & regulation, fair and lawful employment practices and workplace safety. The Code describes these standards of business conduct, which EPPA considers fundamental for companies in our industry.

We are happy that most of steakholders in our industry believe that transformation of our markets and sustainable entrepreneurship is necessary. The Code enables you to publicly demonstrate your responsible business practices. For many end buyers this will become your license to do business with them!

The benefits of EPPA CSR Certification

The EPPA CSR certification programme is an international initiative of EPPA, the European Promotional Products Association.

EPPA sets the standard for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the promotional products industry. It uses a systems approach and makes use of existing other standards (e.g. BSCI, SA800) which makes it unique and best fitted for the promotional products industry.

EPPA CSR scheme

The EPPA CSR scheme consists of 3 levels. Which fits the best, depends on the characteristics of your company.

More information on requirements for each level can be found in the EPPA CSR audit guideline. This Guideline is part of the CSR information set and available on request.

Contact your branch organisation or EPPA directly.

Take corpotate social responsability seriously.

How to join?